FLEX L1506 Dry Grinder Polisher Diamond Pad Starter Set

Great starter set for polishing harder stone dry, particularly granites.

Set includes:-

Flex L1506 variable speed grinder polisher.

Powerful 1200w motor, soft start, speed variable from 2200rpm to 6800rpm.

Our Super Premium Professional velcro backed dry diamond polishing pads as a set of 9 pieces including the following grits:-

50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500, 3000, buff white, buff black.

Hard velcro backer + semi rigid velcro backer.

Available in either 100mm or 125mm.



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100mm 110v £316.25 L1506DD110
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100mm 230v £316.25 L1506DD230
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125mm 110v £350.35 L1506DDX110
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125mm 230v £350.35 L1506DDX230
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