Bushboard & Max Top Router and Cutting Tools

Vacuum brazed diamond router bits for cutting and production of Bushboard and Max-Top Quartz.

These are alternative style parts for the fitting kit currently available from Bushboard but rather than Electroplated diamond these are vacuum brazed. The effect is extended lifespan by approximately ten times.

These tools have been predominantly tested on CNC machines and can be used as a straight replacement for the Bushboard electroplated tools on CNC equipment.

We also stock tools 1 & 2 with a 12mm shank for European collet sizes - let us know if you require this size.

Each tool on the image is numbered - the numbers correspond as follows:-

1. Straight router #40 grit, 12.7mm diameter shaft, 10mm diameter cutting head.

2. Straight router #70/80 grit, 12.7mm diameter shaft, 13mm diameter cutting head.

3. Drainer groove finishing tool #70/80 grit 12.7mm diameter shaft. Used to smooth out the groove produced by tool 4.

4. Drainer groove cutting tool #40 grit 12.7mm diameter shaft. Used to cut the drainer groove.

5. Bevel cutting cone 6.35mm diameter shaft. For reproducing the fine edge bevel.

6. Jigsaw Blade 4 segment metal bonded diamond. Use wet with no yaw action.

The full set comprises one of each of the above items.

Blades to fit the Festool TS55 are here:- Bushboard Blades

Drills for dry cutting are here: Vacuum Brazed Drills

Alternative Jigsaw Blades are available here: Jigsaw Blades

Item BBCT8 listed below is a straight router that is very aggressive at #20/30, this is designed more for CNC machinery than hand held routers.


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Straight Router #40 £13.20 BBCT1
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Straight Router #70/80 £13.20 BBCT2
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Drainer Finisher #70/80 £9.90 BBCT3
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Diamond Jigsaw Blade £18.15 BBCT6
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Full set of 6 pieces £74.25 BBCT7
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Straight Aggressive Router #20/30 £16.50 BBCT8
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