150mm Profiling Wheel Dewalt D24000

Designed to fit the Dewalt D24000 this half bullnose profiling tool has a 40/50 grit vacuum brazed diamond coating.

It has a 25.4mm centre bore but reducing rings to resize the bore to 22.23mm, 20mm and 5/8" to allow it be used on a variety of machines if required. Let us know if the centre bore needs to be resized.

Two profiles are available R5 (5mm radius) and R10 (10mm radius). If you're not sure which size to go for, a good rule of thumb is a radius of half the thickness of the material produces a nice balanced finish.

For example a 10mm/12mm/15mm thick stone looks better with an R5 finish.

15mm/20mm upwards can take an R10 finish.



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150mm R5 Wheel £82.49 DPW05
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150mm R10 Wheel £82.49 DPW10
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