12mm External Mitre Profiling Tool M14

Vacuum brazed diamond profiling tool designed for variable speed hand held grinders and polishing machines with M14 thread fitment. Turn to grinder/polisher into a router.

The top guide in plastic steel allows you to work keeping the wheel perfectly aligned with the slab.The washer sited between the top guide and diamond cutting headrotates independently.

This tool will cut a clean mitre on the edge of any hard tile, particularly natural stone, man made or engineered stone. It is a little agressive for soft ceramic tiles. It will work on some porcelain, but it can be slow going. Ultimately it's designed for natural stone type products.

The highest quality diamonds are used to ensure optimum results and a long lifespan.

Used wet, we'd expect 100 linear meters of cut on marble before replacement is required.

Must be used under 4500rpm, with a ideal speed of circa 2000rpm material dependent.


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12mm Mitre tool £74.97 MPT
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