Rubber Velcro Backing Pad M14

Available in 100mm (4") or 125mm (5").

Quality rubber backer pad with brass threaded M14 centre.

The hard pad is as rigid as the traditional aluminium backer.

The flexible pad allows polishing of shapes and internal radii.

The semi rigid is a cross between the two - think of it as a hard backer with a little give at the edges.

Ideal for any of our velcro backed polishing pads.



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Hard 100mm £9.08 BP1
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Flexible 100mm £9.08 BP2
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Semi Rigid 100mm £9.08 BP3
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Hard 125mm £11.28 BP51
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Flexible 125mm £11.28 BP52
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Semi Rigid 125mm £11.28 BP53
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