100mm diameter 10mm thick rigid sponge diamond polishing pads for quartz engineered stone.

These pads come from the floor refurbishment industry and are designed for repolishing agglomerates, artificial marbles along with liquid penetrants and hardeners on polished concrete floors. However it was discovered they polish the edges of...

Our own brand of Dry floor restoration pads available in 430mm (17") and 510mm (20") these are an upscale version of our restoration pads listed further down the page.

The diamond grit is bonded in dry specification resin and attached to the face of the woven disc.

These are similar to the HTC FENIX pad and are designed to be used...

Our own brand of Wet floor burnishing pad available in 430mm (17") and 510mm (20").


Velcro backed diamond resin floor polishing pads for Marble.

Ideal for use under larger rotary machines for existing marble floor polishing and restoration.

100mm x 10mm thick designed for wet use only.

Value for money combined with a quality polish.

The set of 7 pads is supplied with one pad from each grit level....

ATS rigid sponge restoration, repolishing pads, velcro backed.

Designed for bringing the shine back to previously polished products that have dulled with use.

Perfect for the cleaning,restoration and buffing of Marble, Granite, Terrazzo, Travertine and most natural stone.

Not suitable for use on manmade engineered stone or...

Dry Diamond Polishing drums made to the same specification as our Super Premium Dry polishing pads.

M14 female thread to attach directly to your polisher, ideal for finishing the inside of undermounted sink cuts outs.

Available in two sizes 35mm or 50mm diameter, both 40mm high on a hard rubber drum.

The 7 piece set is for...

Wet Diamond Polishing drums made to the same specification as our Super Premium Wet polishing pads.


Our highest quality professional wet polishing drum for use on router style tools or hand held polishers with an M14 fitting and central or external water feed.

Continuous body resin design impregnated with diamond for a scratch free high quality polish.

Available in 7 grits from #50 to #3000.



5 Step wet polishing pad system designed for granite, marble and darker quartz or engineered stone.

Normal flexibility allowing polishing of internal radii.

100mm diameter and velcro backed.

Designed for professional use, long lasting with a high quality finish.



5 Step wet polishing pad system designed for granite, marble and lighter quartz or engineered stone.


A 100mm 3 step system for polishing lighter coloured materials particualrly Quartz.

Vlecro backed and particualrly flexible.


MD-SAITAC Abrasive plain backed paper Silicon carbide discs for use with a 125mm backer pad and spray adhesive.


GD-SAITAC-VEL Abrasive Velour backed paper Silicon carbide discs for use with a 125mm velcro backer pad.

Full resin bonded silicon carbide paper for dry operations with rotary sanding machines.

Suitable for use on marble, fibre glass, plastic materials, glass, wooden flooring.

Prices listed for full boxes of 50 discs per...

Available in the following sizes :-

100mm (4")

125mm (5")

150mm (6")

178mm (7")

Designed for use with a polishing machine or variable speed angle grinder in combination with a velcro backer pad.

Recommended at speeds under 4500rpm.

For use on Granite, Marble and most natural stone.


Designed for use on polishing machines or variable speed angle grinders in combination with a backer pad at speeds less than 4500rpm.

This is an ideal set for a one off job or for infrequent users.

Available in 100mm (4") or 125mm (5").

Aggressive copper bonded grinding/polishing discs. Use wet or dry, however the lifespan of these pads is reduced with sustained dry use. Equally at home straightening up granite worktops or polishing a concrete floor.

Sometimes called "Hybrid pads" as these are half way between grinding and...

Aimed squarely at the professional user, these dry pads have a very high quality and quantity of diamond content. Not only do they polish to an exceptional degree they also offer a long lifespan.

Available in the following sizes:-

100mm (4")

125mm (5")

150mm (6")

178mm (7")

Our Super Dry's represent...

Ideal for use on Granite and harder marbles. Specifically designed to be used dry with the distinctive honeycomb pattern. Designed for use with a polishing machine in combination with a backer pad at speeds under 4500rpm. The ideal target speed for this pad is around 2000rpm.

The 9 pad set is made up of 2x50, 2x100, 200, 400, 800, 1500,...

The are the same product as our Diamond Hand Polishing pads but shaped to fit Oscillating multi tools.

Grits #50 through #400 are electroplated diamond.

#800 through #3000 are resin impregnated diamond.

Can be used wet or dry, wet use will increase their lifespan.


Foam backed diamond hand pads. Ideal for final finishing of all natural stone. Also good for taking the sharp edges off glass, ceramic and porcelain.

The 50# through 400# pads are electroplated diamond

The 800# through 3000# are resin bonded diamond.

The set of 7 comprises one pad of each grit.


These are the same pads as our 100mm Premium Dry diamond Polishing pads but produced in a shape to fit Oscillating multi tools.

Velcro backed and designed to be used dry only.



Identical to our foam backed diamond hand pads, just without the foam. Ideal for final finishing of all natural stone, perfect for wrapping around your finger to finish drainer...

A new generation 3 step wet system for polishing granite, Quartz and engineered stone. Designed for wet use only and aimed at the professional user.

Often used in conjunction with out 30# grit copper pad to smooth out the material before polishing starts.

Solid Aluminium Backer pad with velcro face and M14 thread.

Available in the following sizes:-

100mm (4")

125mm (5")

150mm (6")

175mm (7")


Available in 100mm (4") or 125mm (5").

Quality rubber backer pad with brass threaded M14 centre.

The hard pad is as rigid as the traditional aluminium backer.

The flexible pad allows polishing of shapes and internal radii.

The semi rigid is a cross between the two - think of it as a hard backer with a little give at...

Aluminium bodied snail lock backer with brass M14 threaded centre and rubber damping designed to convert our  snail lock edge polsihing pads for use on a conventional hand held polisher.

Available in 100mm or 125mm


Medium density PSA or Velcro backing pad ideal for use with SAIT Silicon Carbide discs.

M14 thread, long lasting with a hard wearing polyurethane foam.

Use with spray adhesive to attach the plain paper disc (PSA backer)

Use in conjunction with the velour backed pads (Velcro Backer)


125mm Moss type PSA backing pad for paper silicon carbide discs.

Medium/Hard density with centre hole for water feed.


For use in mechanical edge polishing machines or floor polishing machines with fitment designed to accept snail lock backed pads.

5mm thickness of resin bonded diamond with a rubber cushion between the polishing head and backer to absorb vibration.

We also offer an M14 to Snail Lock backer to convert the 100mm pads for use on...

Felt polishing mop M14 fitment.

125mm diameter, 25mm thickness.

Convert any M14 female fitting to an 8mm Hex shaft for use in a standard drill chuck.

Ideal for converting polishing pad backers for use in drills.

Convert your velcro backed polishing pads for use with our Aluminium Snail lock backer. Saves pulling off and reapplying the polishing discs from a velcro backing and creates a solid flat platform for each pad.

Available in 100mm or 125mm