Sintered Dry diamond holesaws with vacuum brazed diamond body to stop the bit snagging.

This holesaw is the drill bit of choice for the professional stonemason looking for speed and economy when it comes to hole cutting.

Designed predominantly to drill granite dry, it will drill through pretty much any stone that's very hard with...

Segmented Diamond Core drill for Granite and other hard materials designed to be used wet. Dry use is possible but it will shorten their lifespan.

Fitted with a 1/2 Inch Gas Male thread and M14 Female thread making it a versatile fitment.

70mm Maxium depth of cut when new, 10mm segment height.

Ideal for use on a CNC machine...

Wax filled vacuum brazed dry porcelain drill bits.

The Hex shaft makes these perfect for use in a battery drill driver.

Can comfortably drill 20 or more holes in the hardest grade 5 porcelain.

Allow the drill and the rotation to cut the hole, don't lean on these bits like you would a masonry drill.

Never use the...

M14 fitment for direct connection to 115mm or 125mm angle grinders. Designed to operate dry at speeds in excess of 10,000rpm.

Suitable for cutting any hard material including Ceramic, Porcelain, Marble, Granite, Engineered stone, Concrete or Brick. In fact these bits will drill pretty much anything you can throw at them, however their...

Diamond Dust Holesaws are suitable for drilling ceramic , glass, marble, slate and porcelain tiles up to and including grade 5 hardness.

Designed for use with conventional power drills on a slow speed setting with no hammer action and a constant supply of water.

A real low cost solution for drilling porcelain tiles, these must be...

Converts any item with a female M14 thread to a hex shank. Ideal for use with a vacuum brazed dry drill bits or with a velcro backer pad to convert either item to be used in a standard drill.