Vacuum brazed diamond router bits for cutting and production of Bushboard and Max-Top Quartz.

These are alternative style parts for the fitting kit currently available from Bushboard but rather than Electroplated diamond these are vacuum brazed. The effect is extended lifespan by approximately ten times.

These tools have been...

Turbo X designed Diamond Blade for angle grinders particularly for cutting hard material such as porcelain, hard ceramics and quartz.

Only 1.2mm thick and with a 10mm high segment giving fast clean cutting and a long life.

Available in 115mm and 125mm.



We've been working in conjunction with Bushboard to provide our 150mm Turbo Fine blade ready to go to fit the Festool TS55R plunge saw.

We offer two blades:-

At 150mm this is our Premium Fine Turbo Blade with a standard 22.23mm bore and fitted with a reducing ring to 20mm. This is designed as an economy blade and has a lifespan of...

Diamond jigsaw blades with the standard Bosch "T" fitting for fitment in standard woodworking jigsaws.

Blade 1 = 30/40 vacuum brazed diamond ideal for friable or thinner products such as marble, limestone tiles or Max Top quartz where a finer more controlled "filing" action is required.

Blade 2 = 30/40 Vacuum brazed diamond,...

Flush cut, flat face diamond blades fitted with M14 threaded flanges designed to connect directly to your grinder.

The flange attachment means the blade can be used tight up against a wall or other similar obstacle.

Designed for cutting Granite, Marble, Quartz, Reinforced Concrete, Bricks Hard Clay Roof tiles and General Masonry...

Designed spefically for cutting porcelain tiles, very hard ceramic tiles or quarry tiles. Also cuts man made quartz and engineered stone very nicely.

For use in a static water fed cutting machine or on an angle grinder for the smaller blade sizes, this blade really does perform as well as some expensive branded products.

Due to...

  Made specifically for cutting Porcelain Tiles, Hard Ceramic Tiles, & Quarry Tiles but will cut pretty much anything. If you're looking for a great all round blade, this is it.   Designed for use in static tile cutting machines or in angle grinders. These blades can be used wet or dry however the life span and performance of the blade...

Our own product designed for cutting hard dense stone such as granite, harder marbles, engineered stone and reinforced concrete.

An ideal multi purpose blade for masons or landscapers.

10mm deep segment for improved lifespan.

Available in 115mm, 125mm, 150mm, 180mm & 230mm from stock all with 22.23mm centre bores.


Vacuum brazed diamond technology ensures these diamond blades cut anything!

They will cut, shape, grind pretty much any material you care to show it. It's why vacuum brazed technology is the basis for "Rescue Blades" used by emergency services worldwide.

Offered in two sizes as a utility angle grinder blade.

Perfect for...

Pyramid design double sided electroplated vanity blade available with or without M14 flange.

Ideal for cutting marble or limestone. Often used for chamfering or side cutting granite and other hard stones.

Our general purpose fine finish turbo blade for when a finer finish is required.

Ideal for Softer granites, marble, engineered stone, masonry or concrete.

Inexpensive but effective.

Available in 115mm, 125mm ,150mm & 230mm.

All with a 22.23mm centre bore.

Our general purpose continuous rim tile blade, ideal for anything other than the really hard materials (in which case go for the Porcelain blade).

Economic, good value for money.

Our everyday general purpose blade ideal for cutting softer granites, marble, brick, masonry, concrete for when a super blade is just overkill.

Inexpensive but effective.

Currently available from stock in 115mm,125mm, 150mm & 230mm.

All with a 22.23mm centre bore.


A direct replacment blade at 170mm for the Flex CSW4160 CSW4161 & CS60 stonesaws.

All the performance without the cost.

22.23mm centre bore.

Shaped like a saucer, designed for cutting curves or circular shapes in most hard materials and man made stone. 

The "T" section of diamond bond travels into the centre of the blade on both sides to stop snagging.

Thicker than a standard flat blade to cope with the stresses, the optimum speed for this blade is under 6000rpm.